About Us

About Us

From design to development and deployment, Unitytop does it all for you. Let us make your life easy by taking care of every aspect of your project from start to finish.


Unitytop embarked on its journey in the digital landscape at the dawn of a new decade, founded in January 2020, just as the world was on the cusp of monumental change. The brainchild of computer scientist, marketing specialist, and UX designer JJ Garrido, Unitytop was conceived with a vision to blend technological expertise with creative design.

Our inception coincided with the onset of the global pandemic, a period that reshaped the digital needs of businesses worldwide. This era of rapid transformation further fueled our commitment to delivering not just solutions, but visionary digital experiences that resonate with users and drive real business growth.

With a team that champions innovation and agility, Unitytop has established itself as a trusted partner for clients across the United States, Canada, and beyond. Our approach is rooted in simplicity yet sophistication, offering managed UX services and web solutions that align with the evolving dynamics of the digital world.

We pride ourselves on our adaptability and forward-thinking philosophy, embracing the Agile methodology to ensure that our solutions are as dynamic as the markets we serve. Our journey is one of continuous learning and improvement, as we strive to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring that our clients not only meet but exceed their digital objectives.

At Unitytop, we don’t just build digital products; we craft experiences that leave a lasting impact, driving innovation in a world that’s constantly in flux.

Mission and Vision

Envisioning a Connected Digital Future

At Unitytop, our mission is to redefine the digital landscape by creating user-centric solutions that empower businesses and individuals alike. We envision a future where technology and creativity merge seamlessly, fostering growth, innovation, and meaningful connections. Our commitment is to transform challenges into opportunities, driving change that not only enhances user experience but also contributes to a more connected and efficient world. Every step we take is guided by this vision, as we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the digital realm.

Our Services

Tailoring Digital Excellence

Unitytop offers a suite of services designed to elevate your digital presence and drive meaningful engagement. From intuitive UX design that captivates your audience to robust web development for seamless online experiences, each service is a cornerstone of your digital success. Our SEO strategies ensure your voice is heard in a crowded digital space, while our bespoke content creation tells your unique story. With Unitytop, expect a synergy of creativity and technical expertise that brings your digital aspirations to life.

Success Roadmap

The success of your project, product, or service is our goal. That’s why we carefully follow a process that narrows down any bias and allow us to forecast the success or failure of the orientation of your project, based on your user’s behavior and needs.

Starting Point
UX Research
If your project is based on a hunch, or you haven't done a careful market research and you're not sure about who are your ideal users, UX research is your starting point.
Starting Point
Step 2
UX Design
After gathering enough user's data, and the foreseen future of your project is positive, we start the UX design process, were we bring to life a testable prototype for your project.
Step 2
Design Sprint - Unitytop, LLC
Optional Step
UX Design Sprint
If your project needs to be completed in a tight timeline, we skip the standard UX Design process and start a design sprint, were we will accomplish the same UX Design goal in less time.
Optional Step
Step 3
Web Development
After the UX Design Usability Tests, and narrowing down the prototypes issues or missing features, we start the development and launch of your website or web app.
Step 3
Step 4
Content Creation
In this step, we create quality content according to the balance between your business objectives and user needs. From transactional pages to video and multimedia content.
Step 4
Step 5
SEO & Website Optimization
When your site is ready, is time to make it really fast and optimized to give the best user experience to your audience. Also, you will receive quality traffic and relevance to the search engines.
Step 5

Our Approach

A Strategy Rooted in Innovation

Our approach at Unitytop is a blend of agility, creativity, and precision. We begin each project with a deep dive into understanding your unique needs, ensuring our strategies are perfectly aligned with your goals.

Our Agile methodology allows for flexibility and responsiveness, adapting to changes and maximizing efficiency. We prioritize user experience in every design and development phase, ensuring that the end product is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and user-friendly. At every step, we combine our technical expertise with a creative mindset to deliver solutions that are not only effective but also innovative and future-ready.

Our Clients Speak

Discover the stories of success and satisfaction from our valued clients. Their experiences illuminate the impact of our partnership and the transformative results we achieve together.

Core Values Driving Our Digital Journey

At the heart of Unitytop are core values that guide our every action and decision. We are committed to Innovation – constantly exploring new horizons in technology and design.

Integrity shapes our relationships with clients, ensuring transparency and honesty in all our interactions.

We embrace Collaboration, believing that the best solutions are born from diverse ideas and teamwork.

Excellence in service and delivery is not just a goal; it’s our standard.

Finally, Customer-Centricity is at the forefront of our approach, ensuring that we always prioritize the needs and success of our clients. These values are the pillars upon which Unitytop stands, driving us to create impactful digital experiences.

Commitment Beyond Business: Our Community Engagement

Our responsibility extends beyond the digital domain. We are deeply committed to making a positive impact in our community through various initiatives. From supporting local tech education programs to participating in industry events and environmental sustainability efforts, our engagement reflects our belief in corporate social responsibility. These endeavors not only strengthen our team’s bond but also allow us to contribute to the broader community, fostering a culture of giving back and making a difference.

Connect with Us

We at Unitytop are always eager to engage in new challenges and collaborations. If you’re interested in elevating your digital presence, have questions about our services, or simply want to explore potential opportunities, we’re just a message away. Reach out to us for any inquiries, and let’s embark on a journey of digital transformation together. Our team is ready and waiting to assist you with your needs.

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